Friday, March 16, 2012

Tendulkar's Batting Career In Aggregates

The sheer magnitude of Sachin Tendulkar's career is hard to understand. Over 23 years, Tendulkar has played 763 innings for India and reached a century 100 times. He has reached a half century 260 times. He has remained undefeated 73 times. That means that he has been dismissed less than 7 times for each century that he has scored. The next best record among batsmen who have made 10000 runs in their career (there are 59 such players) is Mathew Hayden's. Hayden was dismissed on average about 8 times for each century that he made. Only Jacques Kallis (so far) and Viv Richards reached 50 more frequently than Tendulkar has.

His conversion rate of 50 to 100 is the best among these batsmen. Amazingly, of the 160 innings that he has finished after scoring between 50 and 99 runs, he has reached 90 28 times! The next most prolific scorer of 90s, Rahul Dravid, has done it 14 times.

And yet, on a slowing, dying wicket, Sachin Tendulkar labored over the last 30 runs of his 100th international hundred.

It is a milestone that measures longevity and versatility. It is not a record. Scoring 50 centuries in each format is a more meaningful cricketing record.

But what a milestone!

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  1. excellent work by sachin no one can beat him