Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Sanctions For Swann

Unless Sri Lanka Cricket lodge an official appeal with ICC Cricket Operations, at which point the ICC will appoint a Match Referee to look into the issue.

This is what the ICC's Colin Gibson told me via email yesterday night. The relevant portion of Gibson's email is in full below:
The ICC Code is applicable to the England players.

However at a tour match, we do not have a match referee at the match. Accordingly, the offence could be reported to ICC Cricket Operations Department who would then appoint a match referee to determine the matter.

We have not received a report as yet
I first asked Colin Gibson about this on Sunday. He replied to me almost immediately saying "The tour matches are under the auspices of slc". I then pointed out the relevant rule from the ICC's Code to Gibson, after which he sent me the above response.

Make of that what you will..


  1. I wonder why ICC makes such rules which it fail to enforce.

  2. International Cricket Council definitely have to look after it.

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