Monday, July 27, 2009

On the crassness of advertising in Cricket

A must read.
Money quote:
Cricket with its inherent rhythm of stops and starts permits the unobtrusive injection of marketing nuggets into the gaps. But the efficacy and feverishness with which these gaps have been filled are akin to the diligence of a concerned denizen furiously plugging holes in a leaking dyke, lest the game seep out.
In part Sriram Dayanand is doing what i have been accused of doing - viewing the IPL through the lens of normal cricket, and by the standards of Test Cricket. But he makes a persuasive case, because he seems to feel the encroachment of the IPL upon the mainstream of top level cricket.

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  1. And predictably, he got flamed by our desi brothers, IPL-lovers one and all. Sigh.