Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ian Healy is the most biased commentator in the world today

This is admittedly a rant, but Healy in my view is the worst, most one-eyed and the most horribly boring commentators in the world. If there is one good reason to see Australia struggle in the Test match arena in the new few years, it is that it will make Ian Healy squirm and make him even more whiny.

Note this sequence. Bollinger to Duminy. A close LBW, Billy Bowden doesn't give it. It looked good on the replay. There were two noises - the bat hitting the pad, and the ball hitting the pads. Bollinger delivered it from wide of the crease, which may have made Bowden doubt whether it would have gone on to hit the stumps, and also possibly whether or not it might have hit Duminy outside the line (in both cases, replays showed that it was in the bowler's favor).

Healy's one substantive comment here was that "That was Out!".

In the next over, Asoka de Silva gave a decidedly marginal LBW in favor of Andrew McDonald against Hashim Amla. The ball pitched outside off, on a crack or something, and took off towards the leg side. It beat Amla's forward defense and hit him on the knee roll. Amla was on the front foot, not really caught on the crease or anything. Hawkeye - a technology deemed to be not good enough for use by Umpires showed that the ball would have clipped the leg bail on top of leg stump. It looked marginal and the other commentators suggested that "i've seen those given not out" (Ian Chappell) and "thats a bit stiff if you are a batsman" (Bill Lawry) and "Was it out though?" (Tony Greig).

Healy's comment - "It was an aggressive decision. The kind Umpires give these days since they have been seeing these kinds of replays on hawkeye".

Absolutely no perspective - one-eyed to the hilt and absolutely no class. Others such as Michael Slater have been pointing out that it appears as though SA have taken their foot off the gas in this game since theyve won the series already, and this is essentially a dead rubber. But Healy seems to think Australia are doing awesomely well.

Healy shows all the traits of a bad commentator - he has no sense of humour, talks too much and is terribly one-eyed. You won't hear from Healy for example that this wicket is deteriorating much faster than expected, and if this had happened in India you could have bet your last naya paisa that Healy would have gone on and on about how the wicket was terribly poorly prepared.

I should have stuck to watching on mute as i usually do. Healy is not worth the trouble. He's certainly not a worthy successor to Richie Benaud (an actual journalist who once covered the crime beat for a newspaper) and Ian Chappell (straight-talk from him at all times). Maybe, just maybe, the real decline in Australian cricket will be in the commentary box.

Rant completed.


  1. KD,

    for once, couldn't agree more. But later saw Warne too going on and on about that Duminy LBW showing the replays over and over again.

    Healy, undoubtedly is the most 'nationalistic'(how can any Oz be ever biased?) commentator but here are a couple of gems from this series -

    1. Nicholas saying on day 4 Melbourne - just when Australia was storming back into a position of dictating a win, Clarke got out. (This was when Ricky and Clarke were trying to save the match).

    2. Warne calling for axing Aleem Dar.. for 2 bad decisions AGAINST Australia? If I remember correctly Duminy was given caught off his arm in the 1st innings at Perth. No mentions of that decision..

    The mental scars of listening to channel 9 commentary wont Heal(y) very soon :)


  2. Kartikeya, how about matching him up with Mark Nicholas? Surely, Healy's still better than Mark Nicholas? Healy lies out of nationalistic fervour ( he still wears the baggy green )...whyfor does Mark Nicholas keep whining on senselessly in that nasy-twangy voice of his? Sometimes I seriously doubt the man's intentions...

  3. I agree.... Nicholas is the absolute anti-thesis of Ian Chappell. He's sort of tried to be Benaud but ended up as a really bad version of Greig. As he's sucks up most supinely to the Aussies in particular (and to any host nation he's in general).

    But he's merely indecisive i think. Healy is plainly abusing his status and the company he keeps in that commentary box.

    I used to think that Sidhu and Sohail were partisans, but there was something comical about their partisanship - it was understood that that was part of the package. With Healy, his partisanship is masked by an appearance of impeccable interest in detail and nuance. There's nothing funny about him.... he's a painfully boorish purveyor of noise.

    The other thing i find absolutely ridiculous is that Channel 9 doesn't even pretend to find South Africans to do commentary for them. This was fine when they had mainly Benaud, Lawry (also a bit of a partisan but a class act) and Chappell, but now, with Healy, they've got find someone who'll blow the other sides horn. Warne is pretty good though, as is Taylor.

    Im justifying this deeply heartfelt comment based on the fact that this is a declared rant post.

  4. Spot on, Kartikeya! I'd wished for a long time someone would say this - you almost took the words out of my mouth.

    On a different note, how about Simon O'Donnell? Not a commentator, but in the same mould; just as obnoxious.

  5. I haven't heard O'Donnell too much, but from what little i've heard, he seems to be very much focussed on Australian cricket. I do remember that during the 2003-04 Indian tour of Australia, he commented that Ganguly "isn't known for being able to loft the ball", and got laughed out of sight by SMG.

    Just for the record, only Jayasurya (265) and Afridi (248) have hit more sixes in ODI cricket than Saurav Ganguly (190). Tendulkar is next best with 166, but he's played 109 innings more than Ganguly.

  6. bloody fu**ing worst commentrator ever. fu**ing Ian Healy