Monday, December 15, 2008

Watch the final few balls

And of course, Dharamvir was there as well. How could he have missed this Test Match....

Dharamvir is a polio stricken guy from Madhya Pradesh, who once took a 36 hour train journey (unreserved) to Chennai in 2006 to watch the Challenger Trophy. Since then, the teenager from Muraina in Madhya Pradesh has been a fixture at India games (and it looks like he is thankfully spared all the security stuff). Yuvraj Singh and others pitch in to enable him to travel to games, and he even participates in nets with them. He is allowed to wear India colors (not the ones that some of us wannabe India players buy for exhorbitant prices in gift shops, but real India colors, made for real India players), and in this story from a few months ago, confidently asserted that "we" would level the series.


With Dharamvir watching over them, its no wonder that Indian Cricket team has steadily gotten better in recent seasons.

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