Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ponting admits he claimed incomplete catches at Sydney 2008

Virender Sehwag has succeeded where the mighty Indian press pack (except this one) hasn't, with some characteristically blunt words about India's experiences down under last season. Specifically, Sehwag pointed out that India would have won that spiteful Sydney Test, had the Australians not dishonestly claimed catches of "half-volleys".

The Najafgarh Nugget's charge seems to have hit home, given Ponting's response: 

"That's fairly insulting (to say we claimed catches that weren't), especially in the first innings, I didn't claim a catch because I wasn't 100 per cent sure,"

Now, with a little bit of parsing (and some imagination), it is possible to read that Ponting quote as "I may have claimed catches in the 2nd innings even though i wasn't 100 per cent sure". It's probably not a fair reading, but since the Australian captain has cut such a sorry figure on the matter of claiming catches and keeping catching agreements, and doesn't seem to realize it, it is probably at worst an uncharitable reading of Ponting's quasi-faux pas.

Remember this?

That one of the best batsmen of the modern era should be reduced to this, is sad. 

For his part, Sehwag has shown once again that he never cheats himself when he swings. He has just made his own life very interesting in this series. I don't think Brett Lee and co. take too kindly to their captain being basically called a cheat by the opposition opening batsman.


  1. Awesome. Is that the first of the salvos?

  2. Life was never easy for Virender unlikely to be any different now. That man hacks his own path and talks straight like Ricky Mccain wishes he could.

  3. why is it that someone is constantly doubting his "integrity", then his "catches", and the poor chap is reduced to unsuccessfully trying to deflect it ?

    And as far as his teammates not taking kindly etc, remember a certain M. Haydon Esq, and his insulting comments about obnoxious weeds ?

    I think a tell-it-like-it-is hitter is required in the midst of all these folks studded with integrity.