Sunday, January 29, 2006

A superb contest between bat and ball

The first day of the Karachi Test match showed Test cricket in all its blazing glory. There was good bowling, bad bowling, brilliant aggressive batting, frustration, and plenty of subtexts to the story of the day.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Writing about Cricket is something ive been looking forward to doing for a while. Im a bit of a stats junkie, and hope to present some interesting stats here. However, i am aware that stats can be a bit of a bore, and reading too much into them is fraught with risk. Among all of Navjot Siddhu's ridiculous commentaries of, for and on the English language, is his risque suggestion about statistics and miniskirts - What they reveal is exciting, but what they conceal is vital!

In this blog i will present the cricketing view. An attempt to be descriptive and not judgemental. I will not try to be fair and balanced, for it is not my place to sit in judgement. The cricketing view is not limited to cricket. It is in my mind a way of looking at things, inspired by this great game. Even though i will write mostly about cricket, readers may expect the occasional foray into other matters vital to our survival as well.

This is a particularly interesting time to start a blog. A new Indian team has presented itself to the world. A new sporting outlook seems to now accompany the hurly burly brilliance and the maverick individual madness that accompanied the Ganguly years.

After the batting glut of Lahore and Faisalabad, the Karachi wicket has been touted as been "green", "sporting" and other such impossible things. A single series deciding session is not out of the question here. After the misfortune of having lost of the toss in the first two tests, winning the toss might just be a double edged sword here.

An interesting challenge for the Indians!

Welcome to Cricketing View......