Monday, December 11, 2006

World Cup Final 2011 - Mumbai!!!!

A quick note..... just read that the World Cup Final is coming to Mumbai.......

I wonder whether that new stadium will get built by 2011. They should fast track it and build it...... the BCCI president has said in the context of organising the World Cup,

There would be practically no challenge in organising it and it will happen smoothly"

Heres a challenge...... a new 100,000 seat stadium in Mumbai by the time the World Cup Final comes around. To build something like that in 3 years (it would have to be ready by 2010, so that the wicket can used and tested), would be a challenge anywhere in the world. If they are going to have the final at Wankhede, then that would not be much of a challenge - neither would it be much of an achievement.


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